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You know when you are so pleased with something that you just have to show it off?
Not bragging, but being genuinely proud of something and wanting to share it?
Well thats how I feel about my wonky little makeup bag. I absolutely love crafts, sewing, and making things for myself, but when life gets busy, sadly it is the first thing to disappear off my agenda. A little while ago though, I had a free few hours, and decided I would switch off the internet (this is quite a big deal for me as you can probably imagine) and make something. I was given a beautiful 1890's Frister and Rossmann sewing machine by my lovely boyfriend at Christmas, which is as wonderful to use as it is to look at, so it was such a treat to have a few hours by myself to play with it and do very little else. I personally find crafting so rewarding as not only do you end up with whatever you've made at the end, but you also get the enjoyment of the making process along the way. Even if it is a little uneven, or not quite right, the pride in making it all yourself is a rather wonderful feeling. I will now endeavour to get my craft box out once a week, if only for an hour, even when the week is rather hectic, because I think it really does you good to have some me time once in a while, especially when the me time is so productive. I hope you don't mind me showing off my creation today, but I was just so pleased with it, and with the enjoyment I got out of it, that I just couldn't resist.
In case you fancy making one of these yourself, I took two rectangles of white denim (my new favourite fabric), and appliqued a floral heart onto the front with my sewing machine. I then attached the zip to the top of the two pieces of denim, turned it inside out, sewed up the edges and turned it back out the right way. It was very much an experimental project with no patterns, but I think that's most of the fun!

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