Sunday Catch Up

It feels like it's been a while.
Posts on here have been a little too sparse for my liking recently, due to life being rather hectic. You might have heard me mention that I've been on a work placement, which is the reason for my absence, or rather lack of regular programming over here. I have been on a six week teaching placement, which I am pleased to announce finished on Friday, and even more pleased to announce that I passed. It was a wonderful experience, and has left me feeling more prepared for next year when I am let loose on the real world of education, but it did take over my time somewhat, balancing the placement itself with Uni work and my personal life too. The blog had to take a backseat for a little while, with more important things coming first, but I just wanted to drop you a little note to say I'm back, and really excited to get back into regularly writing and blogging. I have a little bit of time off, which I am really looking forward to being able to dedicate to blogging. I have lots of exciting things coming up, so stay tuned for more. Thanks for sticking with me, I hope you enjoy what's yet to come! I've featured some recent instagrams of mine to show what I've been getting up to lately, if you want to see more, come say hi over on instagram at @carriebrighton.


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