The Body Shop's Tea Tree Range

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Tea Tree Oil range - ℅ The Body Shop
Tea tree is a rather magical thing. I will tell you know that it is hidden in and out of your skin care stash, and you probably don't even know it. An amazing natural blemish fighter, tea tree is the perfect ingredient for clearing your skin, and keeping it that way. Tea tree oil can be applied in essential oil form, straight to blemishes to help clear them up, a little splodge can help vanish/ hugely shrink a blemish overnight. It hugely reduces redness too, which is an added bonus, and does it without drying up your skin. The Body Shop have a wonderful range featuring this magical ingredient, and the best part is that it is all sourced from a cooperative, making it community fair trade and entirely natural. This range has been around for ages, making it a bit of a cult classic, and the staple to any good skin care routine for those of us with blemish prone skin. It is gentle enough to use daily too, the Cool and Creamy Wash is one of my faves to use as soon as I've taken my makeup off, it is particularly soothing after a long day, and helps bring down any redness too. The Pore Minimiser is a bit of a holy grail product too, one of those wonderful ones you can actually feel working, with almost instant tightness after application, with pores looking smaller and reduced. I use the Skin Clearing Lotion as a base before moisturiser, to keep skin looking fresh and clean. I love how natural these products smell too, it is quite lovely knowing you are putting something on your face that is almost entirely plant based. If you are prone to blemishes or large pores, I couldn't recommend this range enough!

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