A Guide to Face Masks

Face masks are my favourite way to relax. Out of all the beauty treatments you can do yourself at home, for me, face masks feel the most like you're in a spa, and really feel like they are doing something for your skin. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites, as I'm a bit of a face mask addict!

Mud Masks
Not necessarily made of mud, but I wasn't really sure what to call them otherwise! This kind of mask is thick and creamy, covers your face and often dries hard. Usually green or a similar bright colour, perfect for terrifying the postman! This style of mask is fantastic for a deep clean and clearing blocked pores, as they draw out and lift away impurities.

Tea Tree Face Mask - The Body Shop
Super Fruit Mud Mask - Montagne Jeunesse
Five Minute Facial Mask - Good Things

Moisture Masks
Quite self explanatory really, moisture masks are intensive moisturisers for rescuing dry or dehydrated skin. I tend to use these overnight when my skin is looking dull, dry or generally a bit unhappy, it's quite amazing how fresh faced and happier my skin looks the morning after use! I tend to apply these with an old foundation brush.

Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask - The Body Shop
Drink Up Intensive - Origins
Replenishing Moisture Mask ℅ nSpa 

Multi Use/ Scrub Masks
This kind of mask is fab at giving your skin a quick detox as it means you can miss out a step. Exfoliation and drawing out impurities all in one, both these masks are perfect for dealing with blemishes of all kinds, and dealing with pesky pores. I apply these with my fingers and massage into the skin as a scrub, before leaving them for a little while, as a mask. I tend to use these mostly on my tzone or around problematic areas.

The Fab Pore Facial Peel - Soap & Glory
Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask ℅ The Body Shop

What are your favourite face masks?

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