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Nothing beats a bubble bath, right? For me, nothing even comes close. If I'm feeling down, a bubble bath cheers me up, if I'm awake and restless, a bath calms me down. It is the cure for all sorts of ailments, and a treat as well, and just as perfect even if you don't have a reason for wanting one at all! I thought I'd share some of my favourite products for baths, including the things I use regularly to make them just that little bit more lovely!

Sweet Fluffy Cupcake by Philosphy
The most important ingredient for a good bubble bath! There are so many ways of achieving this, in fact I have a post in the pipeline on my favourite bubble making products. This gel from Philosophy has been one of my favourites recently, and magically is a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath all in one. As a bubble bath, it makes piles upon piles of giant bubbles, while making the whole bathroom smell like a sweet frosted cupcake. Does it get much better than that? I don't think so!

Face Mask ℅ Montagne Jeunesse
I personally love having a face mask on in the bath, as I think it gives it much more of a pamper/spa kind of feel. This little individual pack masks are perfect, and are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets for under a pound!

Ritual Shampoo by Neal & Wolf
Rainforest Moisture Conditioner ℅ The Body Shop
I know the washing your hair in the bath debate often divides the beauty world, but I personally feel a bit silly sat in the bath with dry hair. I tend to rinse off my hair with the shower attachment to avoid getting my hair too bubbly! I love using Neal & Wolf's gorgeous smelling shampoos to add to the scent of a luxury bubble bath, followed by a deep conditioner to leave on for the rest of the bath as a hair mask. I absolutely love this conditioner from The Body Shop, it feels so natural and leaves my hair feeling super soft, without any build up from doing a deep condition.

Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub ℅ The Body Shop
Since bubble baths are so moisturising for your skin by themselves, the only body step I go for is some gentle exfoliation, and this natural body scrub does just the trick. It doesn't leave gritty residue in the bath water either, so perfect for those long soaks!

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