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Hi, my name's Carrie and I'm addicted to body moisturisers. Be they lotions, creams or butters, I just can't say no. I have an entire shelf dedicated to them, but thought it might be time to whittle down my collection to my absolute favourites. I love each and every one of them in their own special way (that's a fairly weird thing to say about beauty products, now I read it back), and find they are all perfect for different occasions and different uses. My favourites, in no particular rank or order are:
The Righteous Butter Lotion by Soap and Glory
This was a valentines gift from my lovely boyfriend a while back and a favourite ever since. A super thick and creamy lotion, in a handy pump form, this lives on my bedside table for easy application. It is softening and soothing and I love to use it before bed, it has a gorgeous sweet fragrance to it that I absolutely adore. A little goes a hugely long way with this too, so the large bottle costing £10 is excellent value for money in my opinion.
Love Spell Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream by Victoria's Secret
This one really is a treat for the nose. I'm not usually a big fan of heavily perfumed body products, but I make an exception for this cream. Smelling just like the amazing Love Spell fragrance mist, when paired with the lotion, it's a combination that lasts all day and floats around you like a floral, peachy cloud. The consistency of this one is light but highly moisturising, and I like to keep this one in my handbag, thanks to it doubling as a fantastic hand cream too!
Coconut Body Butter ℅ The Body Shop
I may have lied a bit when I said I didn't have a favourite. For me, you just can't beat the magic that is a Body Shop Body Butter. I have quite a collection of different fragrances, I think this may actually be one of the first beauty products I ever bought, way before I even started wearing makeup every day. These creamy and rich butters just feel so nourishing, and are my go to product as soon as my skin feels dry. I use them after baths or showers, they are particularly good after shaving your legs for a super smooth finish. The round tubs are perfect for chucking in your bag for a day out or weekend away too. I think my favourite fragrance has to be coconut, although I can't stand the stuff in edible form, this fragrance is fresh and delicate, and feels so natural when you apply it.
Daily Rich Body Lotion ℅ Barefoot SOS
My skin goes through phases of being really sensitive, I'm allergic to grass and are prone to itchy rashes on my legs and feet, especially in the summertime. I always find myself reaching for this lotion at times like that, it is cooling and soothing and does an excellent job of calming my skin down when it's a bit unhappy. This is also my go to lotion for when my elbows and knees get to that itchy stage of dryness, it just feels so natural, it always feels like it's doing a good job when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive. It's suitable for skin with Eczema too, so this may be the moisturiser for you if you have problematic dry skin!

What are your body moisturising favourites?

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