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I think it's amazing how seemingly small things can make such a huge impact on your happiness. Take these flowers for example, a little while ago, Loz appeared home from work one morning (he works the 4am shift) with a bunch of colourful tulips and an unassuming bunch of closed daffodils. This of course put the biggest smile on my face, receiving flowers makes me one happy bunny! We spread the bunches over a few jars and placed them around the room, and I was in a fantastic mood all day. I then woke up the next morning to find the daffodils had blossomed and opened into the most fantastically beautiful orange and yellow shining suns. Our room had somehow erupted into a much brighter, cheerier and more colourful space than before, which lifted both of our moods every time we saw it. It's quite wonderful how two small bunches of flowers had an such an effect on our week, putting a smile on my face every time I laid eyes on a purple tulip or a glowing yellow daffodil. Since then I have tried to keep flowers in our room constantly, which is so easy at the moment, especially since you can pick up a bunch of daffodils for a pound in most supermarkets. If you're feeling down, or even if you're not and just feel like brightening up, I can't recommend bringing in some flowers enough. There is just something so lovely about fresh flowers!

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