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I do love going home to visit my family, but we all know the real reason I try and pop home as often as I can is to hang out with my most favourite furry creatures, Daisy and Fen. I included some pictures last week on a post about the garden and the pups were rather popular in the comments, so I figured it was about time they got their own post. So without further ado, let me introduce my gorgeous girls!
This is Daisy IMG_2265 And this is Fen. IMG_2456 They are both Border Terriers. Fen is 7 and Daisy is 8. We have had Daisy since she was a teeny pup, and Fen joined us more recently, moving in the Christmas before last. Daisy is smaller and a little more scruffy, whilst Fen has very straight fur and big Eeyore eyes. Daisy loves to play, and her current favourite toy is a yellow ring. IMG_2407 IMG_2388 She also has a thing about eating daisies, funny pup! IMG_2285 And is often seen messing about with my baby brother. His face doesn't always look like that though, don't worry! IMG_2381 She spends the rest of her days snoozing in the sunshine. IMG_2264 Fen is a little calmer than Daisy, and can often be found in a warm and sunny spot, in this instance, the doorstep, where she went to calm down after a slightly manic chasing session in the garden. IMG_2372 Let's look at that a little closer. Border Terrier owners will be familiar with this gorgeous pose, but in case you're not, this my friends is called the Border Slump, and Fen is a pro! IMG_2360
Hope you don't mind such a huge post, but I couldn't resist showing them off! The first picture was taken by my Dad, and the first picture of Fen was taken by my lovely boyfriend, with the rest taken by me. I'd love it if you could link me up to any pup or pet pictures of yours!

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