Ruby Red with MeMeMe

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Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Ruby Rich ℅ MeMeMe cosmetics
I absolutely love discovering new products, so discovering a whole new brand is quite the wonderful experience. I was recently contacted by MeMeMe cosmetics and they offered to send me something to try out. The brand draws inspiration from Ancient Greek Mythology with a free-spirited ideology, something that really appealed to me when checking out their products. I was sent their Long Wear Satin Lip cream in Ruby Rich, a deep and vibrant red. This product looks like a regular lipstick, but the formula is much more of a cream, as the name suggests. Highly pigmented, this lippy glides on with a super gloss and high shine finish. It is soft and buttery too, with a moisturising effect. One of my favourite features was how long the shine stayed for, almost as long as the colour itself, which withstood my sandwich for lunch with a strong colour remaining. It has a lovely sweet scent to it too, you can really taste the Shea Butter, responsible for that creamy texture. I love the bold shade too, this particularly vampy shade is perfect for a night out! MeMeMe are available online here, or in Superdrug stores!

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