Something New: Early Harvest Raspberry

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There's yet another gorgeous new release from The Body Shop about to launch, and I'm rather excited about it! Early Harvest Raspberry products are about to go live in shops, and I couldn't be happier. Raspberry is and has always been my favourite scent and flavour, I just can't resist those juicy little berries! Whether it is food, fragrance or beauty products, if raspberry is on offer, it is always the one I pick. This new range focuses around classic products from The Body Shop, giving them a new springlike twist with this fruity fragrance. It is the beginning of the raspberry growing season, and the fruit is harvested early and to quickly preserve freshness and that gorgeous fruity scent, giving the range the 'early harvest' name. I gave the Body Butter a try, which is as smooth and creamy as always, with the added sweet and tangy scent of the fresh berries. I was also very excited to try out the new Body Scrub, which I genuinely had to try very hard not to eat. With the look of, scent and consistency of jam, I actually found myself eyeing it up while in the shower. It feels so natural, which is such a lovely thing to have in a product, but without the added stickiness of actually putting jam on yourself! The texture in the scrub comes from actual raspberry seeds, and so is exfoliating yet gentle, and perfect for getting your legs ready for the upcoming skirt weather.

Also in the range is a new Body Lotion, a Shower Gel and an Eau De Toilette, which I am so excited about, and can't wait to pick up as soon as they are released! These products are available from the 15th of April, in store and online!

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