Something New: mysalonlooks Brighton

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There's a new salon in The Lanes! The lovely team at mysalonlooks have opened a big new salon just two doors up from their luxury spa. You may have read my posts about the Hove salon, most recently having my hair chopped into a bob, which has perhaps been the best idea I've ever had for my hair. Having visited both the salon and the spa a number of times, I was very excited when I heard they were opening up a new one, especially in a salon quite a bit closer to where I live. I met with some lovely blogging ladies and were handed glasses of bubbly on entering, which is always a nice treat! We were given the tour, and I genuinely couldn't believe how big it was! With 10(!) stations and an extra large room for washing, this salon is absolutely huge. It felt so spacious and open, which I imagine will be lovely, as I'm not a fan of sitting too close to the person next to you when you're having your hair done. With the trademark white decor, it was bright and airy too, with natural looking light, avoiding those scary and rather unflattering fluorescent lights found in salons all too often. The salon features a large 'oasis room' for washing hair, similar to the one in the Hove salon but twice as big, with colour changing mood lighting and some pretty epic massage chairs, which were so comfy I struggled to get back out of them again. Perhaps my favourite feature is that you can have a manicure whilst getting your hair done, thanks to being so close to the spa, though with the two being so close, I can see this being a fab opportunity for pamper days where you can visit both! I really enjoyed getting to have a peek at this new salon, and I can't wait to go in and try it out next time I need a trim!

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