Styling Shorter Hair: Curls & Waves

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Curly Locks Haircare Range - ℅ Phil Smith: Be Gorgeous
Having naturally poker straight here, it's sort of expected that I'd spend my life curling it. I get bored very quickly with my fine, straight hair and crave volume, curls and waves, and just love it when it has a bit of shape to it. I'm pretty sure I've tried every method under the sun (except a perm!) to curl it and keep it that way, but chances are any wave will have dropped by lunch time, and my stubborn hair will return to the flat shape it wants to be in. I'd actually given in recently, and left it to it's own devices, finding it even harder than usual to style with my shorter hair until I gave this stuff a go.
I was very kindly sent Phil Smith's Curly Locks range to try out, and having hair like mine, I had decided before use that it probably wasn't for me. I left it for a while before giving in to curiosity and trying it out, and thought I'd give curling one last ditch attempt. I was pleasantly surprised with the shampoo and conditioner, both having a gel like consistent to them and a lovely salon-worth scent, they left my hair soft and smooth, and something I enjoyed using, curl properties aside. I then applied the curl control cream, a particularly light cream that worked well into the hair without being crunchy at all like so many similar creams, instead adding to the post-wash softness. I then twisted up my hair to leave it to dry, giving my hair a good try at no-heat curls. I did this by twisting two strands of hair around each other tightly, securing with an elastic band and repeating all over my head, and leaving it to try. I'd recommend leaving this overnight for maximum effect.
When my hair had completely dried, I undid the ties and used my curling tongs to neaten up a few curls that weren't quite in the right place, and add an extra few to the top layer of my hair. I then left it as it is, and miraculously, it didn't drop. The waves and loose curls stayed put all day. They were even still there the next morning, yes a little less volumous, but there was still a distinct wave present, adding that volume I always crave! I'm not sure whether it's the shampoo and conditioner, or the curl cream, or all three, but somehow within that combination, I've found a way to keep a curl in my hair, and it's magic!

Currently, you can grab the shampoo and conditioner for £2 each in Sainsbury's, and the Curl Cream for £4. I'd definitely recommend this if you are craving a wave too but have hair that just won't keep hold!

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