Sweet Fruity Breakfast Scones

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Do you say Sc-OH-nes or Sc -ON-es? I say ScONes personally, but whichever way you say it, I've got a recipe for you!

I woke up early on my day off recently, as in 6am early. I've got a bit rubbish at eating in the mornings recently, just wasn't hungry and couldn't anything particularly inspiring to change that fact. By 8am and my third cup of tea, I decided I should probably get started on breakfast, but still was a bit stuck, and couldn't face a bowl of cereal or toast. I found a nearly finished bowl of fruit in the fridge with a handful of blueberries, 3 chopped up strawberries and 2 blackberries which were beginning to look a bit worse for wear. I thought it would be a shame to waste them, and luckily had a bit of a brainwave of how to spruce them up a bit. I found a BBC recipe for scones online but didn't think the mix was quite right so adapted it a bit to incorporate the fruit. Mixing took all of 10 minutes max, and baking not much longer, so these little fruity snacks are perfect for a quick breakfast that is a little more interesting than the average bowl of cornflakes!

You will need:

Line a tray with greaseproof paper and pop the oven on at 180oC. Rub the butter into the flower. Stir in the sugar, then mix in the milk. Stir in the fruit. Simple much?! It should be really gloopy and sticky, so using your hands, scoop up a handful of mix and try and shape it into a rough scone shape, and pop it on the baking tray. Bake until golden brown. This made 7 large scones.

Not an exact science in the slightest, but pretty tasty for an early morning creation! Let me know if you give these a go :)

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