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Hello all. Hope you had a lovely and restful long weekends, whether you were celebrating Easter or the bank holiday, I hope you had a good few days! I was home visiting family, which was absolutely lovely, hence the lack of posts over the weekend. I love my blog and all of you lot dearly, but sometimes it's just good for the soul to take a few days out, especially from something that you usually work on every day, multiple times a day. I've mostly spent the last few days hanging out with my family, my lovely pups, or doing little more than the luxury of sitting in bed with a coffee and browsing pinterest. I feel like it's really important to take a break every so often. It helps you gather your thoughts and build up a plan, I personally find my best blogging ideas come to me when I'm not blogging! Pinterest and similar sites are fantastic sources of inspiration too, if you check out my feed you can tell that I've been a little obsessed with home decor and room planning, and those 'what's in my bag' pictures - I absolutely love those!
What I think I'm trying to get at is that it really doesn't matter. If you want to take some time out, then that is okay. That's the beauty of running your own blog! This blog, although I still remain absolutely amazed at how much it has developed, is a hobby. Not having the pressure of running it as a business means you really can do what you like with it, even stop if you want, and it will still be there, exactly where you left it. I've seen a lot of discussion going around twitter lately, some verging on fairly rude, judging bloggers in their choices; "I can't believe I just saw a blogger post X" etc. I feel like I just have to weigh in on that, and say, so what? If f a blogger wants to post something entirely different to their normal schedule, then they should. If a blogger has the opportunity, paid or not, to advertise a product they like, then let them. A blog belongs to it's blogger, and therefore, they can do what they like with it, and other people should be less judgemental. I personally take a lot of pride in my blog, so although constructive criticism is definitely welcome, unsubstantiated bitching is, in my opinion, downright inappropriate. I don't want to rant, but rather leave a friendly reminder that we should all be more supportive of each other!
The blogging world can be a wonderful place for making friends and helping each other to do what we love, so we should each be doing our bit to keep it that way!

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