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It's probably no surprise to you that as a beauty blogger, I'm a big fan of makeup and beauty products. I start my day with my beauty routine, helping me feel ready and more prepared for the day ahead. Bad makeup and bad hair days do happen, which can leave me falling out of love with those products I know so well. Makeup isn't everything of course, and I'm quite happy to go out without any on, but makeup or no makeup, there is one certified way to set me up for the day with a smile on my face and that is the power of lovely underwear.
 It might sound silly, but wearing something lacy, girly and pretty under my clothes just sets me up for a good day all round. There is definitely an added confidence that comes with wearing nice lingerie, you wouldn't dress up for the day in an old bobbly dress with fraying elastic and holes in, so why do the same with your underwear? Even if nobody sees it other than you, I feel like it's like having a secret weapon behind the scenes, giving you an added boost on a rainy day.
I was recently very kindly given the opportunity to have a browse through House Of Fraser's lingerie department, which in all honest isn't the first place I'd go to seek out new undies. I was really surprised when searching through to find an actually really lovely collection, featuring their own products and some well known brands too. Ranging from plain everyday basics to more extravagant lacy high-end numbers, there is a huge amount on offer, and affordable too. I went for this Untold Elegance set, which I couldn't resist due to the gorgeous lace, floral patterns and gorgeous shade of dusky pink. I'm usually a bit skeptical about buying underwear online but was pleased to find this was true to size and fit me perfectly (32b for reference), something I often have trouble with, especially on balcony-style bras, which tend to vary from shop to shop. The lace is super soft and the set is as comfortable to wear as it is lovely to look at, a lovely feature that is sadly all too often missing from nice lingerie. I love the girly floral design too, it's one of those items that just makes you feel pretty as soon as you put it on! I'm personally really impressed with House of Fraser Lingerie, and will definitely be popping back next time I'm in need of some new undies!
Have you browsed their lingerie department yet?

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