Bits & Pieces: Mint Casual

I think I've mentioned before that 'what's in my bag' style posts are my favourite kind to put together. I even have a whole pinterest board dedicated to them (peek here if you fancy!). Although I love them and want to do them all the time, I felt I just can't post another one just yet, having only done one relatively recently. I just love, however, laying things out neatly to photograph, so instead of items in my bag, I thought I'd put together pieces of my day. I put this one together in the morning, featuring things I was wearing for the day. It was a fairly normal day with a meeting at Uni, just click on the words below to have a look at what went into it..


Style wise, a fairly simple day with a mint shirt and comfy flats, over black leggings. Beauty wise, a more classic approach, hair left to it's own devices with a little added volume, nude nails, bronzed cheeks, shimmery eyes and pink lipstick. A light daytime fragrance of honey and flowers, with the warmth of cocoa butter, especially needed with the university's drying air conditioning. Lots of water for the same reason too, even more so when staring at a screen all day. Let me know if you like this kind of post, as I did, so I can have a go at another one!

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