Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

A lot of beauty blogs, mine included, tend to focus on new products and new releases, which is fantastic as it's always lovely to find new gems in the beauty world! Recently though, I've been spending a lot of time going back through older products and particular favourites of mine to make sure they get as much air time as the new ones. I realised that I hadn't actually dedicated a post to this gorgeous perfume, which is a little crazy bearing in mind it is one I use every single day. My lovely Dad gave me Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb a little while ago, and as soon as I caught the scent of it I knew it was love at first spray! Everything about this perfume just seems to suit me down to the ground, and I absolutely love it. It's one of those magical products where using it in the morning sets me up for the day in a great mood, which continues throughout thanks to how long it lasts. The gorgeous glass bottle looks so pretty on my dressing table too! I'm no perfume expert, but it has a lovely light and fresh scent with a wave of florals as you'd expect from the name. Featuring notes of jasmine, orange, freesia and rose to name just a few, it makes such a lovely scent for summer, but is perfect in the winter for a burst of floral freshness that you might otherwise be missing. It has become my absolute favourite scent and something I'm still enjoying every day, months and months after I first started wearing it.
What's your favourite perfume?


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