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I realise I posted about flowers last week, but I'm pretty sure it's not possible to have too many flowers in your life. I bought this bunch of Chrysanthemums in Waitrose over a week ago, and they are still going strong without the slightest sign of wilting. For the grand total of £3 I got 5 stems, with enough flowers to fill two small vases. Adding a little pop of colour has really brightened up the room, and it is such a cheap way to change around the decor regularly. Adding some lilac flowers added a lovely springlike burst to the room, but have got my eye on some bright pink or orange next time to add some bright colour to a normally neutral (and verging on dull!) decorated room. If you, like me are living in rented accomodation, you are often very limited in your decorating abilities, having to leave the walls in that boring shade of magnolia. Aside from my go-to fairy lights and bunting, I tend to get a bit stuck for decoration inspiration, especially in terms of brightening up the room. Flowers are such an easy way to do this, and mean you can change it around regularly too if you're fairly indecisive, like I tend to be. There's something fairly special about them too, having plants and flowers around just makes me smile, so having them next to my mirror has been putting me in a good mood in the morning when I catch sight of them. My 'vase' on the left is actually a green thai curry jar cleaned out and spray painted gold, which is another really easy way of decorating, and adding your own flair to a room without having to spend very much at all. I'd love to hear any tips you may have for home decorating when you're not able to change too much, so please leave them in the comments below!

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