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I am an absolutely huge fan of Yankee Candle. Always have, and if they keep bringing out gorgeous scent after gorgeous scent, I probably always will be. One of my favourite ways of filling my home with their lovely fragrances is with my wax tart burner. A clever little ceramic dish set over a tea light, you pop in a wax tart and it gets gently warmed by the heat and melted into a colourful little pool that lets of the most amazing fragrance. I do love their candles but I tend to get through them so quickly, meaning my candle habit ends up a fairly expensive one. I also love to be able to change fragrances quickly, and the tarts are a lovely way of trying loads of different scents out. I often then buy larger versions if I find a particularly lovely scent, so this is a great was of finding a new favourite. Each tart tends to last me a few days if I have them burning throughout the day before the scent begins to fade, though if you're burning for just a few hours then they can last for a week. Once the wax is cooled, I run a spoon end or similar blunt object around the rim of the wax and just pop out the tart. For cheap little things they last quite a while so work out as pretty good value, and you can often get them in larger packs for cheaper. I buy mine from here, here and here.

 What are your favourite home fragrances for summer?


Wax Tart Burner

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