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A rare shot of Loz and I, makeup free, messy hair and PJs to boot, aren't you lucky! Here we are posing outside of our house. We have a fairly unusual living situation in that we live together, but live in a shared student house, renting two rooms out of five. Letting agents around here make it fairly difficult to share with a partner as a student, we're not quite able to afford a big enough flat to ourselves just yet, but are unable to just rent one room legally without paying double the rent, which is fairly strange! We've got a fairly good compromise though that we have two rooms in the same house, and it actually works out really well. we have one large room and one smaller room, we share the larger as a bedroom, and have the other as a spare room. The bedroom is basically mine and the other is Loz's, he's a musician and producer so has turned his into a practise/recording studio, where as mine is a bedroom/living space. It's so useful to have this extra room, having lived before in one room together with all of his equipment, which is safe to say was rather a tight squeeze! In an ideal world I'd love to have a spare room too, but I'd turn mine into a study/blog studio, as a cosy space for photography and editing, but I'll save that one for when we can have a bigger house. I saw a survey recently that actually showed we're not that unusual, with the majority of men opting to use their spare room as a study, which I can definitely see us wanting in the future. Decor wise, as you probably know already I'm forever on my quest to a pinterestable house! I'm a big fan of clean, bright decor and am partial to anything painted white. Loz on the other hand is much more keen on more rustic, well made wooden furniture, but as students, as you can imagine, we're fairly mix-matched at the moment as we take whatever we can get our hands on! I'm very lucky in that he really doesn't mind me putting girly touches on the place and has pretty much left decorating up to me. We have floral bedding, bunting, fairy lights and lots of flowers around the room, which I know not many guys are a big fan of. I think it will be really interesting to see how our future home turns out, in rented accommodation we don't have much scope for decorating, but when we do, I'm keen to see what style we'll both end up going for. Just a little peek at my Home Decor board on Pinterest gives you a pretty good insight into my style of thingsā€¦ pinterestdecor
Although our situation is not the most typical, it actually works really well for us and I'm really grateful that we're able to do so. We've lived together for two years now, and as cheesy as it sounds, I couldn't imagine living without him! Do you live with your partner? I'd love to hear how you work out decor/furniture/the spare room situation!

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