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Today I thought I'd share one of my favourite weekly reads at the moment. You will probably have seen Stylist magazine around the blogosphere even if you've never read it, it seems to be a regular feature in Instagram pictures and tweets involving commuting, mine included! It's a free weekly magazine available in London, Brighton and a few other cities around the country, most often found in train stations and points along transport lines to pick up, along with the Metro or Evening Standard. For a free magazine, I think it's absolutely amazing! With weekly beauty, fashion and lifestyle features, it really appeals to me as a blogger, as it seems to feature all of my favourite things, thrown in with a bit of current affairs and relevant news articles. I actually prefer the content to the majority of magazines available to buy, it really is quite a wonderful little publication. It's available here on Wednesdays (not sure if this is the same for the rest of the country), so I'd usually try my best to pop down to the station, but would often run out of time, or generally be a bit too lazy if I had other things to do that day! You can subscribe online, but you then have to pay, making it not so free anymore. I thought I'd put a post together on it to let you know that it is now available for tablets, meaning if you're lazy like me, or just don't live anywhere close enough to pick it up, you can download and read from the comfort of your own home. The Newstand app on iPad even lets you know when it is ready, so you can't really miss an issue. I'd definitely recommend having a look if you are in the mood for something new to browse!

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