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A little while ago, I was invited by Simplyhealth to take part in their Healthy Ageing campaign. This recent research reiterated the amazing benefits that staying active can have on your health, especially that of over 50's, but also how so many people are missing out on this by not getting enough excercise. I was very kindly invited to take an older relative on an active day out, and since my Nan unfortunately isn't up to a trip to London, I brought my Mum along.

This is my Mum. Isn't she lovely?
After her initial horror at being labelled as an 'older person', she then happily agreed to come and meet me for a day out, and brought my Dad along with her. He hasn't been well recently, so it was lovely to be able to spend the day with them both, all the while doing something that would have a positive impact health-wise on all of us. Simplyhealth were very kind and gave us tickets to Kew Gardens, somewhere I had not visited before, but will definitely be going back to again. An absolutely huge botanical gardens tucked away in London, they are an excellent place for a day out, perfect for lovers of walking, plants, history and the great outdoors. Great for exercise too, as you get so lost in the beautiful plants and buildings that you don't think about how far you're walking. It features mostly grass or gravel paths too, and so would be easy for older people with walking difficulties to get around.
There are also plenty of historic buildings, including the colossal greenhouses to look around, so there are plenty of things to appeal to all kinds of visitors. We had a lovely day wandering around the spectacular plants, with a few coffee and snack breaks thrown in at the sweet cafes around the gardens
IMG_3927 IMG_3960
Mum admiring the cherry trees.
IMG_4108 IMG_4047
Queen Charlotte's Cottage, probably my favourite part.
IMG_4000 IMG_4052 IMG_4101 IMG_4116 IMG_3908 IMG_3875
We had an absolutely lovely visit, and it was lovely to do something as healthy as it is fun. Walking is such a great way of staying active, especially when you can do it in places as beautiful as Kew Gardens. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're thinking of taking an older person, or even just yourself out for the day! For more information on Simplyhealth, just click on the links below.

Healthy Ageing Campaign
Health and Wellbeing Information

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