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When it comes to hair care, I always seem to focus on the styling products, and never the tools. Up until recently, I had been using a 10 year old (yes, really!) paddle brush, where the bristles were so worn down they had actually become sharp. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is guilty of harbouring and old and probably fairly useless brush, so if this applies to you too, I've got just the product for you!

When I was given the opportunity to try out The Wet Brush, I was keen to give it a go, having heard some great reviews like Lily's, but in all honesty, was a little skeptical. I mean, it's a hair brush, what difference could it make. I have fine, thin hair but a heck of a lot of it, which tends to tangle into knots that I usually have to untie with my fingers due to just how painful brushing it out can get. I'm also one of those people that loses a chunk of hair every time I wash, brush, or even run my fingers through my hair, you can find strands of it literally wherever I go, often including in my dinner (yuck!), so as you can image, brushing often turns into a fairly barbaric hairy mess! I'd actually got to the point of avoiding brushing my hair completely, opting for the easy, and far more comfortable option of leaving it up to it's own devices.
The Wet Brush is a compact, relatively small brush with a solid handle that is comfortable to hold. The bristles as soft, bendy and flexable, meaning it smoothes through comfortably while combing through your hair. I first used it in the morning after getting up, on a full head of bed-head, knotty and tangled hair, so put up a good challenge for testing it out. I found it ran through my hair easily, and when reaching a knotting area, I could hear it pulling the knots but could barely feel it. There was a slight tugging feeling but none of that nasty pulling feeling that I usually put up with. The flexible bristles did an excellent job at quickly detangling, leaving me with smooth, knot free hair in a fraction of the time I usually take, even combing out some tangles on the first brush through. The bristles also feel like they are massaging your hair as you brush, a lovely little extra. After brushing, the brush had very few hairs stuck around it too, pulling out far less than I usually moult during detangling, which I was very impressed by. I then tried it out post-showering, on wet hair, to see if it lived up to it's name, and I'm pleased to report that brushing then was even easier, even on hair freshly tangled by towel drying. It leaves my hair feeling smooth and silky after use, and has somehow managed to make brushing my hair an enjoyable activity! I can't believe I didn't try it out sooner, it has actually revolutionised my basic hair care routine. If you struggle with tangled hair, or aren't a fan of brushing yours, I'd definitely recommend trying this out, it might just change your opinion on brushing your hair!
The Wet Brush is available at Sally stores, salons, or online here.

Have you tried out The Wet Brush before?

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