White Nails

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I'd seen the white nail trend going around the blogosphere recently, and I wasn't completely convinced. I thought it made nails look a bit fake, and I think the problem may have been that I'd only seen it on long talons, something that no matter how hard I try, my nails can never get to. A little while back, Lyndsay and I went to a book signing with Dawn O'Porter, who was amazing by the way, someone you would just love to be your best friend from the moment you meet the, she was so cool! Anyway, I noticed her sporting some white nail polish on neat, short nails, and it inspired me to give it a go. If you're a fan of nail art, you've probably got some white polish hanging around for designs, but I'd never thought to use it by itself before. I gave it ago and was actually rather pleased. For the first day after painting I still wasn't entirely convinced, but began to fall in love with it. I have pale, yellow toned skin, especially this time of year before I've had the chance to catch any sunshine, and I found it made my hands look far more tanned than usual, with a more balanced skin tone. I felt like it actually made my nails look longer, and my fingers more slender, it was quite a crazy effect for such a simple polish. I used Seventeen's Lasting Fix Nail Colour in the shade 'Mini Skirt', which lasted a good few days without chips, so good value for a £2.99 polish.
I've had a look at some other brands that do a bright, white shade, which you can check out below, just click on the picture!

What do you think of the white nails trend? Will you be giving it a try?

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