Golden Eye

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I feel like I'm getting much braver with my makeup. After embracing bright colours and favouring a bold lip for a nude, I'm finding myself drawn to more unusual products and trying things I wouldn't normally go for. Like gold eyeshadow for instance, I'm normally all over bronze, but gold just seems that tad bit bizarre. I gave it a go and immediately changed my tune, who knew it could be such a pretty shade? Combined together, these two Colour Crush Eye Shadows ℅ The Body Shop in Gorgeous Gold and Sunshine Love create a stunning warm sunset-yellow glow that added brightness to my face and flattered my usually fairly boring grey eyes. It set off my eyeliner and I loved the contrast of black and gold. It was fairly striking in that it stood out, but didn't seem to much for daytime wear, I actually got loads of compliments on my eye makeup, something that never happens! It just goes to show how much trying something new can pay off, and I've since worn this look loads of times, and is becoming a favourite for summertime. These two new gorgeous shades are available from the 16th July instore and online.


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