Grace Cole Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash

hand wash grace cole hand wash grace cole hand wash IMG_5859
I personally think Hand Washes are the most underrated of all the beauty products. They seem to get forgotten about, even though a lot of us use them every day, multiple times a day. Unfortunately, so many around are boring; translucent and scent free, with the ability to dry out your hands, which is such a shame when there are so many interesting alternatives on offer. This gorgeous hand wash by Grace Cole smells like fruity heaven when I wash my hands, and moisturises them in the process. An absolute bargain at £2.50, you get a huge bottle of the stuff which seems to last for thousands of washes. It smells like watermelon and pink grapefruit, a summery scent that lingers long after use, making washing your hands an enjoyable activity. I personally love having more interesting washes around the house as I wash my hands fairly often, and using ones that smell this good are a real treat! Grace Cole has a whole range of products available in this fragrant, delicious scent, just click on the images below to find out more!


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