Something New: Body Sorbets by The Body Shop

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New product alert! Don't ya just love it when something brand new comes along? On the 16th July, The Body Shop are releasing their brand new Body Sorbet, a cooling and soothing moisturiser amazingly close to the real thing. I'm particularly excited about these as they really are something new, I'd previously never come across anything close. They really are just like the kind of sorbet that you eat, that smooth yet almost icy texture that is absolutely perfect when coming in from a sunny day, and oh so refreshing on hot or tired skin. As with all Body Shop products, they don't disappoint on scent, they all smell realistically like their real fruit counterpart, making this all the more temping to eat, but that's probably a bad idea. For an extra refreshing treat, they can even be stored in the fridge to make them super cool before use. Available in the scents Strawberry, Moringa, Pink Grapefruit, Mango and Satsuma, these make the perfect addition to a beach or holiday bag, or just as a perfect treat after enjoying the sunshine in the garden! They are available instore and online from the 16th of July, at £7 for 200ml if you fancy picking them up!

Body Sorbets ℅ The Body Shop. All views are honest and entirely my own.

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