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Last week, I trotted off with great excitement down to the Bluebird Tea Co. Store on Gardner Street, where they were holding a special tea mixology workshop with some local bloggers. I've known about and loved this little company for quite some time now, since I first discovered their magical chai blends a while back, including that magical Dark Chocolate Chilli Chai blend that just had to be made into brownies (recipe here!). It's a wonderful homegrown company, run by Krisi and Mike, who started out at markets, then online, and then opening this sweet little shop! The shop sells all of their incredible blends of tea as well as fresh drinks available in store, including matcha smoothies, Strawberry Lemonade, and my absolute favourite, Iced Gingerbread Chai with almond milk.
During the evening, we were treated to a whole host of tea-related activities, starting with a lesson on tea by the lovely Mike, where we learnt about all kinds of ingredients from Rooibos to rose petals, where they come from and why each is so special.
We were treated throughout the night with absolutely amazing yet dangerously delicious tea cocktails, my favourite being the Strawberry Lemonade drop with a healthy side of Vodka, which tasted far too sweet and tasty for our own good.!IMG_4714
We then moved onto tasting a rainbow of tea, which extended my tea shopping list as long as my arm. My personal favourites from that are the Pandalicious Liquorice, naturally sweetened with liquorice root, meaning no sugar is needed, and the Nearly Nirvana, White Tea with Jasmine and Spearmint, as heavenly tasting as the name suggests. We all had good practice at slurping tea from teaspoons as noisily as possible (it helps you taste it, you know), before moving onto blending our own tea.
IMG_4725 IMG_4742 IMG_4749
This was perhaps my favourite part of the evening, where we got to select a tea base and blend it with herbs and additions. I went for a White Tea with Rose, Hibiscus and Lemongrass, and was even given my own special Bluebird Tea Packet with 'Carrie's Tea' printed on the front! Amazing.
IMG_4772 IMG_4778
We then moved to the Matcha station, which I absolutely loved. The Bluebird Tea Co. are the only place that makes blended flavoured Matchas, all of which taste incredible. Their regular one is fresh tasting and leaves you feeling healthier after just one shot, but they also sell LemonOrange, and Superfruit (Blueberry!) flavours, which are all just so tasty. They are perfect in a smoothie too, making it all the more enjoyable to drink while reaping the benefits to your health. IMG_4796 IMG_4808
We were kindly sent away with some Matcha samples, which I have a baking recipe using them coming later in the week. This includes a cheeky discount code for you all, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Next time you're out in Brighton I can't recommend a visit enough, stop in and pick up some magical blends or a delicious fresh tea smoothie, you're going to love it!

Thank you so much to Krisi, Mike and the Bluebird Team for having us!

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