The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil

Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil ℅ The Body Shop
For me, oil as a beauty product has always been a bit of a funny one. I'd always thought, and quite understandably so, that oil on your skin and hair is a bad thing. I grew up with extremely oily and spotty skin, so you can see why I'd be fairly skeptical. I did give in though, and had just about got my head around putting oil on my face before oil for your hair came on my radar, and I fell in love with my now absolutely loved MoroccanOil, a product I just can't live without. Having become a convert, I was very excited to see that The Body Shop now make their own multipurpose oil, their Beautifying Oil in a 11 of their signature scents. I have the scent Cocoa Butter and it really is a treat, with a beautifully sweet chocolatey scent that smells almost good enough to eat.
The Beautifying Oil is a Dry Oil designed for use on body, face and your hair and has a wide range of uses. Perhaps my favourite use is as a body moisturiser, it has a wonderful smoothing effect as well as moisturising and I have found it to be great on the rougher skin on the backs of my arms. I've also been loving it as a moisturiser post-shaving my legs, and the added shine of the oil seems to enhance any tan, leaving my legs feeling salon smooth! On my face, I have been loving it as a post-cleanse treat in the evening. If my skin is a little dry, it absolutely drinks this stuff up! The scent stays around for quite a while too which is lovely, the chocolatey scent really does feel like such a treat. I haven't quite got the hang of applying it on dry hair yet but I have read a number of reviews where people have made it work well, so I will keep trying on that front and get back to you. It retails at £9 for 100ml, which I think is excellent value, so many oils available are £25+ for less than half of the amount. The oil itself is a combination of Kukui, Sweet Almond and Marula Oil, which feels so fresh and natural, which is always a bonus. I absolutely love this scent so am keen now to try out some of the others! Have you tried out this Beautifying Oil yet?


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