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Super Volume Mascara ℅ The Body Shop

Excuse the deer-in-the-headlights shot, but photographing your own mascara is tricky! I personally have naturally long but skinny and fair eyelashes, so finding the perfect mascara can often be a bit of a quest. I'm not a fan of 'super-lengthening' mascaras as I just don't need it, and finding one with enough colour and definition without making me look liking I'm wearing fake lashes is fairly tricky. Don't get me wrong, it's great having lashes that can be quickly turned into something for a night out, but for every day wear, especially being a glasses wearer (having long lashes stick to your lenses is so irritating!) adding gentle, natural looking volume is really what I'm after. Amazingly, I think I've found what I need in the form of The Body Shop's Super Volume Mascara. For me, it's absolutely perfect for everyday wear. It's a dark black pigment that darkens up my light tips, adds a gentle bit of length but focuses on thickening up each lash without any sign of clumping. Post application my lashes still feel springy and natural, not brittle at all which often comes with volume mascaras. The wand is fairly small, which I love, and means I can comfortably apply it on my lower lashes, even if you have teeny eyes like I do. It has a great wear time, it's still there when I take it off in the evenings and far surpasses the 8pm barrier where so many previous products tend to start crumbling off. One coat creates dark, natural looking lashes, but this can be built up for a more dramatic effect. The £10 price mark initially looks a bit much, but comparing it to the usual £8 I pay for mascaras in Boots, which I really don't think compare in definition and longevity, the £2 difference suddenly doesn't seem so much! I'd definitely recommend this if you're in the market for a new mascara, and if volume isn't what you need, they also stock 'Divide and Multiply' and 'Define and Lengthen'.


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