The Perfect Pink

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Essie - Off The Shoulder
I think I've found my perfect nail shade. I go through phases of sleek, dark reds, or bright pastel shades, but no matter the season, there is one polish I keep going back to. Always a girly pink lover at heart, Essie's Off The Shoulder for me is the perfect pink, and a polish that I absolutely adore. It's a bright, barbie shade with a hint of a warmer, coral pink that I find is particularly flattering for my pale tones. The classic Essie smooth formula cannot be faulted, and application is super simple thanks to the wide brush. If I'm ever in doubt of what colour to paint my nails, this little pink bottle is the one I always fall back one. It's a fresh toned shade that looks great in the summer, but also brightens up my nails on a dreary day. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to nail polish, so it's quite a big deal for me to pick a favourite, but this gorgeous pink is definitely a big contender! What's your favourite nail polish?


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