An Evening On The Beach!


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Last weekend, I had a fairly magical Friday night. You might have seen on my instagram, but myself, some Brighton bloggers and even some lovely London ladies had a spectacular evening planned out for us by the lovely people at On The Beach UK. They are a holiday bookings company that, you guessed it, specialise in beach holidays. Quite amazingly, they organised the most amazing mini beach break for us, right on our doorstep! We started off by checking into the Hotel Ibis where we were greeted with our own comfy rooms and even macarons on the bed! I met up with my lovely Brighton ladies where we then wandered down to the beach where there's currently a huge outdoor cinema set up! We met up with the whole team, picked up some delicious burritos and wine and sat down to watch Alpha Papa, the Alan Partridge movie. To our surprise, the man himself then turned up and introduced the movies, and we all crowded around to get a picture with Steve Coogan!

Afterward we strolled back along the seafront to our hotel where we all gathered in one room and were treated to personalised On The Beach dressing gowns, which I'm pretty sure is the coolest thing I've ever worn in my life. We enjoyed cupcakes and bubbles and some pampering with Lush facemasks and foot scrubs and chatted away, it was so lovely to meet some new bloggers! After plenty of giggling over our green masked faces and lots of silliness in the shower, we headed back down the corridor to our own rooms for a super comfy nights sleep. It was the ultimate girly sleepover!

I woke up early so enjoyed a quiet cuppa in bed with Queen Nigella on the telly before heading off to breakfast with everybody, which I have to say was the best fry up I've had in a while, very impressive for a hotel breaky! Sadly I then had to leave, but the other ladies then went to a pottery making session, which looked so lovely and they made some amazing things!

For more pictures check out the hashtag #BrightonOTB. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to On The Beach and Epiphany PR for such a wonderful evening!

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