Beauty at 40oC

So a little while ago, I popped over to Dubai for a few days, as you do, and let me tell you now, it was rather toasty! You can read more about it in this post, but we experienced temperatures as high as 46oC, which I can report is the temperature at which even your fingernails begin to sweat. It was HOT. As we only went for a few days, I tried to pack as little as possible which included a very simple makeup bag. I went for something simple to hopefully withstand the heat, so I thought I'd report back on how well my makeup lasted in these temperatures. I applied my makeup on top of this primer.
So, how did it all get on? Did it last?

All In One BB Cream ℅ The Body Shop - Nope
I absolutely love this BB Cream, it is so light, softening and the perfect base for summer, but sadly couldn't stand up to my sweaty face and slid off remarkably quickly. I learned within about half an hour that there was no point in having anything on my face at all!

Honey Bronze Bronzer in 01 ℅ The Body Shop - No
As you can imagine, if the base didn't last, then the powders on top didn't either. All the colour fell off my face very quickly!

Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade by MAC - No
See above.

Blush in Orgasm by NARS - No
Again, see above. Sigh.

Lipstick in Lovelorn by MAC - No
This really didn't last so well at all. I was sort of expecting the lippy to melt off but for at least a little colour to remain, but sadly this was also gone very quickly.

Brow and Liner Kit ℅ The Body Shop - Yes!
Hoorah! At least my eyebrows stayed on, even if my face different. The powder formula of this was great and clung to my brows despite everything else melting. Success!

Glam Eyes Liquid Liner by Rimmel - Yes!
I'm glad this stayed, as I was definitely expecting it to. My forever favourite eyeliner that can survive overnight or during a nap sticks on like glue until you take it off, and I'm pleased to report that my cat-eye flicks stayed intact!

The Falsies Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline - Sort of.
The colour definition stayed as long as you didn't touch it, which was fine until I put my glasses or sunglasses on, but it then left big dark streaks down the lenses. If you left it be I imagine it would last a little longer!

Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks by KIKO - Yes!
I was SO impressed with these! When they say long lasting they really mean it, once you've applied you can actually feel it setting, almost tightening up but without drying. Whatever it does really worked, and the colour, texture and shimmer stayed perfect on my eyelids all day long, well done KIKO!

So as you can see, the base was a bit of a disaster, but to be honest I'd be mightily surprised if I did find anything that could stay put on my moist (yuck!) face during those ridiculous temperatures. Luckily though, I can't see it getting that toasty here on the south coast any time soon, and this makeup combination is absolutely perfect for a British summer day! What are your favourite beauty bits for warm sunny days?

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