KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks


Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks in 06 and 07

Oh hi there! Somehow it's been almost a whole week again since posting! Not sure how that happened, but life and house and work and a festival and TOO many fun things to do got in the way again! Let's just pretend that never happened and head straight back in with something I've been loving recently…

When it comes to make up I tend to err on the side of lazy. The later I can wake up the better, so often the first thing to cut out of my routine when I'm running late is eyeshadow, applying, blending etc tends to feel like a hassle, but luckily, I've found a cure! I'm pretty sure eyeshadow sticks might actually be the best thing since sliced bread, in the makeup world. I've always had my eyes on the By Terry Ombre Blackstar sticks but was not particularly keen on the £28 price tag, so had a little hunt around for something cheaper. The lovely Vivianna Does Makeup wrote this amazing post about the best selection out there, which led to me discovering the considerably more purse friendly Kiko version, which I picked up on a recent trip to London.

I picked up the shades 06 and 07, both fairly neutral with one more bronze than the other, and both with a truly beautiful iridescent shimmer to them. The best bit about them, as I mentioned earlier, is the simplicity. You wind up the shadow, and sweep it across your lids, and thats it. Having two similar shades means you can blend them into each other really quickly and easily and create the perfect everyday smokey bronze look. The shades go really well with my grey eyes too, so I'd recommend them if yours are that shade too! The lasting power is absolutely incredible, they were the only item of makeup that stood up to the heat on my recent trip to Dubai, I pop these on my lids in the morning and they are there until I take them off at night, with the colour and shimmer staying just as strong all day.
The formula is smooth and creamy too making them easy to apply.

At £6.90 each they are far more affordable than their high end counterpart, and in my opinion are totally worth it for the easy application and longevity! Have you tried these eyeshadow sticks?

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