Shea EDT by The Body Shop

shea edt

shea edt
Shea Eau De Toilette ℅ The Body Shop

Do you remember how a little while back I talked about Camomile, and how you'll find it hidden in a huge amount of beauty products in your stash? Well Shea is another one of those magical ingredients. It's responsible for that creamy, smooth, skin softening goodness that we love in so much of our skin and body care, and as a happy coincidence, happens to smell absolutely delicious too!
Shea comes from a nut which is processed into a creamy butter, which makes up the basis for a lot of body butters and moisturisers, both at the Body Shop and by a whole lot of other beauty brands too. The Body Shop buys theirs from Ghana, the production of which provides a vital source of income for over 500 women who make it, which is nice to know that the products you buy and use are doing good! The fragrance to me smells quite warm and homely, I love wearing it as a daytime scent, and the sweet little bottle is small enough to fit in your handbag for top ups. It's light and a little bit nutty, with an almost chocolatey edge to it that smells oh-so-tasty. It wears well and lasts a long time, making it excellent value for it's £8.50 price tag. If you're a fan of sweet, warm fragrances, then I'd recommend popping into a shop and giving it a go!

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