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Coral T-Shirt Dress - Boohoo
Hat - Boohoo
Necklace - Primark

I've decided I actually quite like doing outfit/fashion posts. Sometimes they feel really awkward and forced, but I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it and feeling a bit more comfortable doing it. I did a little Boohoo shop before I went to Dubai in a last minute panic that I didn't have anything cool and conservative enough. I've also been after more everyday dresses for a while, and absolutely loved this one as soon as I spotted it. It's so comfortable in a loose and easy to wear shape and quite flattering too. The colour is so bright and fun, and would look lovely over tights too, so not just a summer dress! I also needed something to help rescue my face from my never ending battle against freckles, and thought I'd be brave and give a felt fedora a go. They seem to be a bit of a staple amongst fashion bloggers but I was always convinced they'd look silly on me. I decided to get over it and give it a go anyway, and haven't really been out without it since! It's a great accessory as well as practical at keeping your face protected from sun, so definitely a successful purchase. I also picked up a maxi skirt and a maxi dress, and was really impressed with some of the products Boohoo has to offer at the moment!

Have you bought anything from Boohoo lately?

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