One Good Thing - #1

and breathe!…

Hello! Apologies for the unexpected little break in programming there. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll have probably spotted that I've been frantically cleaning, tidying, organising and packing in preparation for moving home. I was planning on blogging through out and had post ideas half completed, but after spending 14+ hours a day moving boxes and cleaning carpets, not surprisingly I fancied a rest instead. As a little update, we're all moved out and thankfully now free of money-grabbing student letting agents (who continued to screw us over right up until handing the keys back, as is always the way!) and staying with friends until moving into our lovely new place at the end of the week. Keep your eyes peeled for a post on moving coming soon!

Anyway, if you read my post last week on positivity, you may have noticed that my plan was to post a weekly round up of 'One Good Thing' on Monday, trying to focus on and record one piece of positivity from each day. Unfortunately, as it is now Wednesday, that didn't work so well, so I'm going to try that as a regular feature now starting from next Monday instead! I might now have one from every day, but I do have a little list of loveliness that have been good things in the past week and a bit…

* Discovering a new sweet little cafe while waiting for Loz at the dentist. Very reasonable yet tasty coffee, and comfy sofas. Perfect!
* Watching Loz play a great gig, I love watching people sing and dance along to the music he plays!
* Having a successful day of things in London, including attending the launch of the stunning new range from Bodhi & Birch, and finally meeting its lovely founder, Elijah.
* Planning furniture and organisation for my new home, and discovering that you can download the Ikea catalogue as an app for iPad!
* Getting everything successfully packed and into storage. It's a little strange seeing your whole life in boxes, but satisfying to have it finished nonetheless!

I hope to keep up with posts again now, but just in case I disappear, it's because I'm onto the next stage of the moving process! What good things have happened for you this week?

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