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It's very rare that I write a review so quickly after attending an event. Then again, it's very rare that i fall in love with something so quickly that I feel the need to do so. This afternoon, I was very kindly invited along to the release of Bodhi & Birch's newest range - Rosa Rosa, a skincare trio.

 It's magical to see someone quite so passionate about skincare as Elijah Choo, founder of Bodhi & Birch. We'd spoken online many times, so actually putting a face to a name was lovely. He explained the new range to me with pride, you could really sense the passion behind the project as he spoke. I was treated to a demonstration of the products and a little pamper in the process as I tried them out on my hands and arms, and that's where the love affair continued.
Starting with the cleanser, it works well to massage it into dry skin, before adding water to form a light lather. Rinsing it with warm water left my skin smooth, hydrated and clean with a light splash of the beautiful floral scent. It's a very gentle cleanser without soaps and artificial foaming nasties, but still effectively removed any dirt or impurities. This one is perfect for all ski types, especially normal to dry, and including sensitive skin.
Next was my favourite product of the three, a hydrating toner featuring a spray pump to lightly spritz onto the skin. I imagine this would be heavenly on hot summer days to double as a facial mist. Like the cleanser, this is great for all skin types, especially normal to dry and sensitive. Lastly, but definitely not least comes the daily moisturiser. This one is better suited to normal to dry skin rather than combination as it is fairly intensely moisturising, so perfect for sorting out any problematic dry areas.

 All three feature a light yet decadent fragrance from infused essential oils of Rose, Camomile and Orange Blossom. As with the whole Bodhi & Birch Range, all product ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, and free from petrochemicals, parabens, silicone, carbomer, acrylic-polymers and do not contain synthetic colours or fragrances, animal ingredients or palm oil.

 The packaging is a real treat too, the glass bottles would make a gorgeous dressing table addition, and all three feature useful pumps or a spray. All three will be available on Bodhi & Birch separately, or as a gift set with a £15 saving. If you're on the look out for some new skincare, or just after a treat for your skin, I'd definitely recommend taking a look!

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