So..? Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo in Fabulous and Glamorous ℅ So
If you're around my age, you'll no doubt remember So..? as one of the champion of body sprays. My school bag was never complete without one, so I was pretty excited when these two products popped through my door, I was really intrigued about the idea of new products from them! As you've probably guessed from the picture, they now make dry shampoos too, in those familiar, sweet and floral fragrances from the body sprays. Perfect for festivals, you apply these directly into less-than-fresh hair, give it a scrunch and brush it through for a great refresher, they also are great at adding emergency volume to flat styles, especially relevant for us fine haired ladies in this hotter weather! They have just released a Freshtival gift set, featuring some of these dry shampoos and also some body sprays, available at Argos and just in time for the festival season. I personally really like the Fabulous spray, I love the light fruity fragrance and it was my saviour during a recent camping trip!

Have you tried these dry shampoos? I'd love to hear what you think!

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