Something New | Argan Oil at The Body Shop

Do you ever get overly excited about beauty products? Finding something new is always exciting, but hearing about a brand new range that makes you genuinely wish time would hurry up a bit so you can get your hands on it shows that it's something special. As soon as I heard that The Body Shop were releasing a range featuring Argan Oil, I knew I needed it in my life.

I was extremely lucky as I was invited to the launch of the new range in London where I learned all about where it came from. The Body Shop have found a new Community Fair Trade partner in Targanine, a cooperative started and run by women in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, who hand pick and hand crack the argan nuts which become the oil that is used in the products. Gloriously golden and smooth, argan oil is truly a luxurious treat, and I'm pleased to say these products are no exception.

I was very kindly sent home with the Body Butter, Rough Scrub, Miracle Solid Oil and The Radiant Oil to try out, and loved them all. The body butter and scrub follow the classic formula of the previous versions but with a rich, decadent scent of the sweet and nutty argan oil. The scrub features rusk from the nuts, making an effective exfoliant, but followed by intense moisturisation from the oil. The Solid Oil is something rather special, a handy little tin that you can pop in your handbag filled with oil that begins to melt to the touch, which can be applied to skin, hair or lips. My favourite though is the spray, for hair and body, I have been applying this pretty much all over post bath or shower and revelling in the oily goodness, and falling in love with the smooth softness that then ensues. Also in the range is a bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion and a solid oil specifically for lips.

The best bit about all of this? The are released tomorrow! - 13th August 2014. Hoorah!

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