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teapigs matcha

Matcha Super Power Green Tea Drink ℅ Teapigs

A little while ago you might remember me posting about the magic that is Matcha; super strength green tea in powder form that quite literally does you the world of good. Well I'm pleased to say I've been sticking with it well and drinking or eating it in some form or another at least every other day, and feeling 10x better for it. The lovely people over at teapigs have come up with a great way of getting it into your system, in the form of three tasty juices. I normally blend the powder into cloudy apple juice, my drink of choice thanks to Megan's inspiration, but this isn't always practical on a busy morning. Thankfully, you can now just grab one of these juices from the fridge and never miss your matcha fix! In all honesty, I'm not the biggest grapefruit fan so can't accurately comment on the taste of the middle one, but really like both the apple and elderflower. The juice tastes fresh and natural but with the earthy flavour of matcha, not too sweet but oh so refreshing in the morning. The carton is handy and handbag sized too to grab and go. These tasty juices are available online here.

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