The Great Sandal Debate


This summer so far may as well be renamed 'the summer of uncomfortable feet'. I often don't have much luck when it comes to footwear, having size 2.5/ 3 if they're small enough feet, shoe shopping isn't all that easy. Sandals are no different, my only comfortable pair (an old pair from H&M Kids) are now worn into discomfort, so I'm now on the hunt for a new pair. It also doesn't help that I'm fairly fussy in what I like wearing, but aren't we all! I've narrowed it down into 3 brands that I like the look of, and am tempted to get all three!

I've been lusting over…

Birkenstocks. They seem to have launched back into popularity in a huge way this year, and I for one am definitely not complaining. They just seem to scream comfort whilst actually being sensible and supportive for your feet. I've actually yet to find a style I don't like, but I particularly love these Madrid Sandals in Graceful CoffeeCavells. They are actually far cheaper than I was expecting too, so will be placing an order on payday!

Saltwaters. These to me look like the classic style of sandal, like ones I had when I was little. Red isn't normally my colour but the ones on the top row just stand out as so pretty, and again, a really practical shoe too. Toast stock some gorgeous shades, and I especially love this Lime Green pair!

And finally Swedish Hasbeens. Not so much sandals as generally pretty shoes! They are clog based chunky heeled sandals that first came to my attention on A Beautiful Mess, and I've been longing for some ever since. The peeptoe sandal version in the pictures are just beautiful, and I'd love to purchase a pair like these pink ones!

What are your favourite sandals?

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