Adventures | Sidmouth Folkweek

One of my favourite things about England is the abundance of sweet little towns and villages that are never more than a few hours away. The South Coast is filled with beautiful little surprises every few miles, making it so easy to go exploring.
Last weekend, Loz and I were very kindly invited to join his family down at Sidmouth Folk Week in Devon. We through the tent in the car and bumbled along the south coast, a surprisingly pleasant drive, to Sidmouth, where we set up camp and joined in the festivities. We watched Loz's sister play which was absolutely lovely, amongst some other fantastic folk acts. Loz has been going since he was tiny, so knows the place well, but it's all new to me, so I took advantage of a spare few hours to have a wander. The sweet little town is kitted out with stalls and bunting for the week, but the town itself is lovely enough as it is. With a beautiful sea front and gorgeous little shops, it's perfect for a day or a little longer away, it was lovely even just to sit and enjoy fish and chips on the beach, or steal a few moments peace in a coffee shop. Little trips like that are good for the soul, and I'm going to make an effort to plan more in in future.

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