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I've been thinking more about where my shopping comes from. I've found myself experiencing a sense of guilt when I think about the origins of some of the things I love, and have made a decision to change things around a little. In terms of fashion, I've been trying to avoid the mass produced, factory made items where you cannot guarantee the fair pay and safety of the workers, and opting instead for brands that have a clear policy on where their products come from. I find it fairly tricky to keep this up when it comes to beauty though. Some companies look great, but then higher up the chain you find they are owned by companies with some questionable morals. I was recently contacted by Ethical Superstore, a huge online base for all things fair trade, organic and eco friendly and asked if I wanted to try some things out from their beauty section. I was actually so thrilled they got in touch, as I previously had no idea that such a shop existed! As well as home items, groceries and clothes, they have a large range of ethical beauty products, including a fantastic range of brands.

I tried out..
Pacifica - Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette - £15.49
I find ethical, eco friendly skincare is relatively easy to find, but actual make up is another story altogether. I'd not previously heard of Pacifica, but am so impressed with this sweet little eye palette. Made with coconut, these soft and creamy mineral shadows glide on with an extremely impressive pigment level and length of wear. The quality reminds me of high end brands, and the price tag for 4 shadows is a rather good deal.

Yes To… - Yes To Grapefruit - Brightening Facial Wipes - £3.99
I am SO impressed with these! Wipes cause a huge divide in the beauty world, but these might just be a game changer. Designed to brighten and exfoliate rather than to remove makeup, I've never felt quite such a sense of clean after using wipes! Post cleanse, I have been using these just to finish off, they remove any traces of anything left on your face, and leave my skin feeling bright, fresh and oh so clean. The scent is lovely too, I'm not a huge citrus fan but it's light and just adds to the freshness.

Green People - Vitamin Shower Gel - £7.50
If you're a regular reader you'll know how much I love Green People already, but it was nice to try out something new. This mandarin scented shower gel has got cleansing and moisturising properties, I found it worked well to exfoliate the dry skin on the backs of my arms too, while remaining soothing and kind to skin in the process. A little goes a long way with this too, a pea sized amount was perfect for one shower.

My favourite thing about all three products is the comfort you can feel when using them, knowing that they have not been tested on animals, they don't contain chemical nasties, and they are good for you, the planet, and the people who made them. If you're looking to create a more ethical beauty stash, I'd definitely recommend checking out EthicalSuperstore!

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