Foodie Friday: Burgers at The Mash Tun

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You might remember a post a while back about the tasty burgers at The Mash Tun in Brighton. I was a little sad to hear recently that the kitchen had closed, but this didn't last long when I found another had opened in it's place, and that burgers were still the main feature of the menu. Loz and I decided we had to check it out (we never pass up an excuse for a burger), and I'm pleased to say we had a really lovely lunch. The pub is the same as it was, but this time we sat in the upstairs area which I didn't even realise was there before, and I loved the big old Brighton mural on the wall.

The menu featured a good range of burgers, but we both decided to go for a good old fashioned meat burger. I went for the 'Plain Dwayne', classic with relish and salad, and chips of course, where as Loz went a little more adventurous with the 'Sloppy Pig', with pulled pork and a red cabbage slaw. Mine was tastier, but his looked tastier! Both were good, chunky home cooked burgers, managing to be both juicy and crumbly, but really fresh and full of flavour. The toasted buns were lovely too, and the skin-on fries were delicious! As I said, mine was very tasty, but I couldn't help stealing some of Loz's, the super tender pulled pork was right at home atop his burger and the gorgeous purple coleslaw blended it together perfectly. Next time I've got my eyes on the Mac & Cheese burger, yes you heard that right! The menu prices ranged from £7-£11, so if you're in the market for a good old fashioned dirty burger, I'd recommend stopping in at the Mash Tun!

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