My Autumn Uniform

ao4 autumn1 ao3 ao2
*Jeans - Hollister
*Jumper - H&M (similar)
*Boots - Zara Kids (similar)
*Nails - Essie in Maximillian Strasse Her

With the arrival of my favourite season comes the return of my favourite clothes, and the recent chill in the air has set me firmly into my Autumn uniform, and I couldn't be happier about it. To mark the occasion I picked up some new items, a fresh pair of jeans and a new jumper, as these are the things I wear daily at this time of year. I picked up a pair of non-skinny jeans for the first time in years, and honestly, I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to go back. The comfort of super soft high-rise, loose fitting jeans is unbeatable, and I can see me living in these for the rest of the cooler weather. I'm a bit in love with the jumper too, I tend to pick up a new wooly one around this time of year, and it is oh-so comfy, I haven't yet taken it off since buying it a few days ago…

On a side note, what's your opinion on conkers and spiders? My Grandma used to keep a conker in every corner of her house, I'm not entirely sure it works but I'm not willing to risk it. Plus, I can't give up an excuse to go conker-collecting. Do you do this too?

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