My Pandora Bracelet

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I find it funny how something as simple as a piece of jewellery can turn into a big part of your life. Take my Pandora charm bracelet for example, I bought it for myself a few years ago, and it's turned into a staple item that I can't leave the house without. I feel genuinely naked if I do, and find myself frantically checking my wrist to see where it's gone. I've built up a little collection of charms that have made it into my own unique piece, which I think is why I love it so much! Each charm has personal meaning behind it, making it extra special to me, and something that puts a smile on my face when I look at it! Having a reason behind the charms means that I also love the empty space too, as it leaves opportunity to fill it in the future with charms that represent things that haven't even happened yet, and that makes me excited for things to come!  I realise that it might just be a bracelet to some, but mine is turning into a little diary of my life, and I absolutely love that.

I currently have:
Openwork Flowers - a leaving gift from a colleague when I left work to begin teacher training, a big turning point for me!
Tea and Cake set of two - a gift from my parents after moving out, which reminds me of an exciting time for me filled with change and all things new. It also happens to be two of my favourite things.
A house - I bought this shortly after moving in with Loz, 3 years and 3 houses later, this is still making me smile!
A pumpkin - You'll hear me rattle on about my love of pumpkins on social media, a bit weird I know, but it's been a tradition in my family my entire life to watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every single year, and the buying of the first pumpkin of the year is always a big occasion. It starts off the festive season for me and is my absolute favourite time of year (September - Christmas), so this again is a little one that makes me happy, and keeps me smiling all year round.
Gingerbread Man - Similar to the pumpkin, this again represents things that make me happy, and the most wonderful time of the year. This was a Christmas gift from my parents.
Openwork Leaves - Another season to go with my openwork flowers, and again another seasonal item for my favourite time of year. Autumn and it's lovely features make me so happy, having something to represent them all year round makes me enjoy it for even longer.
Safety Chain - A gift from my mother to keep everything safe and hold it all together.

I always have my eyes open for more charms to fill the spaces, and I currently have a few things on my list. To personalise it even more I'm looking at a little C charm, for my name, and maybe an L to represent my favourite person too. Pandora have recently released a Zodiac range and I adore the little gem encrusted Gemini charm, to match my star sign. They actually have a sweet little app and competition running at the moment too, check out their Zodiac Wheel where you can find more about your star sign, and win your matching star sign Charm, there are 5 to win each month!

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? What are your favourite charms?

This post was created in collaboration with Pandora. All views are honest and entirely my own!

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