One Good Thing - #2


I feel extremely lucky to say that there have been so many good things this past week! Sitting down at the end of each day to think about something positive from that day makes me realise how many great things can happen in one day, and how easy it is to miss them or forgot they happened. I think this is proving to be a really great exercise in positive thinking!

My main good thing from this week is moving into my lovely new home. We're almost there with the unpacking, and it feels like it's all starting to come together. My new desk and storage units have arrived so I feel like I'm getting organised, and I can't wait to share pictures when it's all finished!

Other good things this week include -
*Celebrating moving out with a Chai Tea Latte and an hour of peace in a comfy chair.
*Successfully building two whole items of flatpack furniture with only a little bit of help!
*Fresh raspberries for breakfast.
*Watching Bake Off with a cupcake in hand.
*The joy of unpacking all my lovely beauty products after a week without them.
*Driving through London on a quiet morning and watching yellow leaves tumble off the trees. Bliss!

What's your One Good Thing today?

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