One Good Thing #3

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I feel very lucky to say I have so many good things to report on this week! I'm absolutely exhausted but it's all good, as busy doesn't always mean bad! The major events include:

*Loz graduating. It was an absolutely lovely day, his family came down to visit and we had a number of lovely meals together, and a gorgeous day out in the sunshine. The one and only Roger Daltrey handed Loz his degree too, a very proud moment for all of us!
*I contributed a piece to BodhiLuxe magazine which was published this week. I spoke about depression and the positive effects on my life I have been able to draw from it, it was very personal and turned out to be trickier to write than I thought it would be, but in the end I'm actually rather proud of it. I'd love you to take a look!

Other good things include…
*The chill in the air. I'm back in my favourite uniform of jeans and jumpers and I'm oh so comfy!
*Collecting conkers. I'm a big kid at heart.
*The house building work being finished meaning we finally have a comfy space to sit and watch TV.
*Winning late night poker tournaments against the housemates. Weirdly, I'm fairly good at it.
*An evening out at Lewes Folk Club with Loz's mumma.
*A new blog design, whaddya think?

It's been a rather lovely one! What's your one good thing this week?

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