Catching Up

pavilion Do you ever have those days where you look at the clock, realise it's somehow 8pm and you haven't even had time for a cuppa yet today? This last week has been full of them for some reason! As much as I adore lazy duvet days, I secretly love being a busy bee. Being able to get in the bed at the end of the day knowing that I've ticked 32 things off my to-do list is the best feeling, and really makes me appreciate those times when I do get a few minutes to myself. The only downside to this is that this blog has taken a temporary back seat, but I've got lots of things lined up for the coming weeks, so that's okay! So this week, just to fill you in…

*I started back at Uni for my final year. It's a little scary, and going to be a whole heap of hard work, but I'm looking forward to getting started properly!
*I bought a new pair of trainers, and a Fitbit Flex to help me out on my fitness journey. I'm totally in love with the Fitbit, and will write a proper post on it soon.
*It's OCTOBER. The best month of the year. There's a definite chill in the air today. I'm too excited to go out and buy my first pumpkin.
*I had a lovely drive to London and back this week. North of Gatwick the leaves are definitely changing, and it all looks so pretty.
*I picked up a few pieces in Ikea, and I think in terms of homey bits, I'm pretty much sorted. Excited to share this with you in a home post!
*I've gone home for the weekend to visit the family and the puppies. So lovely to take two days out when things get manic!

What have you been up to this week?

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